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Poochie Bells


Poochie Bells - NO MORE ACCIDENTS!  As with any training method, results depend on the consistency and effort put into training your dog. This system is based on the great psychologist Ivan Pavlov's discovery, that one form of learning is a result of repeated stimulus. By ringing the bells each and every time the dog is to go outside (creating a stimulus), your dog will learn to associate the stimulus of the bells with the ability to go outside. No dog is too old to learn this behavior.

 Hang the loop of the Poochie-Bells on the inside doorknob (or hook) of the door(s) that your dog
typically exits the house. Your Poochie-Bells will hang down approximately 25 inches. Each unit is made to
accommodate both small and large breeds. Your dog only needs to nudge any part of the Poochie-Bells
unit in order to make the bells ring. Poochie-Bells should stay on the door or on a small
hook next to the
door at all times so that your dog can access them whenever they need to.  Ships in two to three business days.


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