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Bowser Donut Bed



Each bed includes the following features: "Tufting" prevents fiber fill from shifting or clumping. Durable fabric for years of wear. High-memory fill for loft and softness. Handy tip: to "fluff up" your cushion, put an old tennis ball or running shoe in the dryer with your cushion.

Washing Instructions

  • Remove inner cushion; machine wash and dry on cool setting.
  • Unzip cover; remove bolster. Do not machine-wash bolster; hand-wash only.
  • Re-zip outer cover and machine wash and dry on cool.

SML 27"x22x"14" 19"x11" up to 25 lbs
MED 35"x27"x15" 26"x17" up to 45 lbs
LRG 42"x32"x16" 31"x19" up to 80 lbs

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