Does your dog need:

...a bath? 

Whether you have a mud hound or a teacup who isn't smelling top-notch, we've got you covered. We use locally made, organic Chubbs Shampoo bars that are also eco-friendly, gentle and free of sulfates, detergents and parabens.  We love the Chubbs Bars so much, we designed our own scent after our very own Duncan, called "Duncan's Delight!"

Special shampoo is available for itchy skin or fleas. Ears always receive attention in the b-a-t-h too. All dogs are hand blown dry; you won't find any harsh cage dryers here.


...a trim?

A few snips here and there can tame any unruly coat. Our groomers, Melanie and Natalie take care of nails and any pesky hairs between pawpads too.

...a day at the spa?

We offer a selection of many different spa day add-ons to make your four-legged's visit with us extra special.  A blueberry or cranberry facial, nail trim and ear clean comes with any bath and/or groom.  Facials are wonderful at gently removing tear stains on light-haired pups--and they feel so good!  Just ask Duncan!

Sounds great!  How do I prepare for the appointment?  

Make sure your four-legged is up to date on rabies and other vaccines! 
Please bring any paperwork from your vet that reflects this. 

Please bring your dog's collar & leash. 

Let us know if your dog has any allergies or other health concerns.

Call the Barkery Bistro at (864) 236-1503 to schedule!

*Bath and Grooming prices available upon request. We can quote you an estimate via phone or email but please note we do need to meet and see your dog to give an exact price.