Bentley & Duncan

by Bentley
My name is Bentley Bogart Ludwig, nicknames- Bezzers, Basil, Mr. B, and Prince. I was born on July 28th, 2004. I was famous from the time my mom, Meghan, picked me up, because I used to prance around the halls of the Ruth’s Chris corporate office, while my mom showed me off to her fellow co-workers.  My disposition has always been one of sweet nature and wanting to please.  My hobbies include eating my “vittles and crunchies” twice daily (as we call them), playing with my brother Duncan (AKA Duncee).  However, my passion mostly lies at Grandpa Rick’s lake house where I am an avid swimmer and enjoy retrieving tennis balls by launching myself off the dock by getting a running start.  

I very much enjoyed a life of being “top dog” (which of course I  know I still am) until July 1st 2006, when my mom picked up another fur ball, planned to be named “Winston”, after the great Winston Churchill.  

Read on to learn more…. 

We got Winston on July 1st, 2000.  Being the stud that I am, we planned on the new addition to be Bentley the IInd.  It was five minutes into meeting little or shall we say "big", Winston, that we knew this name was not appropriate.  Winston, now Duncan, was so cute and full of energy but he was also the fattest little fur ball, from apparently stealing all of his sister’s food.   

We drove him to our vacation spot for the holiday weekend and as a result from his eating so much that morning, he got car sick the whole four hour drive. During the next four days, from his eating habits and other various quirky behaviors, the name Duncan just seemed to fit.

Now Duncan is four and goes by Duncee (pronounced Dunky) and we are the best of friends.  We are complete opposites and while I am still a Prince, Duncan still regularly tries to steal my breakfast, while I politely back away. Duncan enjoys his barks and growls on our walks at the same dogs daily and nightly, while I continue to prance down the sidewalk smiling.  Other than eating, which is my top priority, Duncan’s hobbies include rough housing with me, as well as swimming and riding the wave runner at Grandpa Rick’s.

Both of us enjoy our jobs at, The Barkery Bistro where we greet and meet people with smiles and an occasional bark at the front of the store.